Elect BOB LOVERIDGE to Arvada Fire Protection District Board

Proven Leadership

 Elect Bob Loveridge                    

 After 14 years on the Apex Park & Recreation Board of Directors it has come to the point in time that I am term limited. After much consideration I decided that I could be of service to the Fire District with the experience I have gained at Apex and my other government experience. I have always been fascinated with fire fighting which makes this endeavor interesting to me.  It has been said that I am jumping from the pool into the fire. I look forward to be able to help the staff continue to make the District better each and every day. No, I am not a fire expert. The professional staff are the experts. I want to help provide the staff with what they need with great respect for the tax payer’s dollars.

I will represent the Citizens of the Fire District and will not represent any special interest group or individuals.

VOTE MAY 6TH at the Apex Center, Apex Community Center (68th & Wadsworth Blvd.) or Arvada Fire Protection District. 
Or vote by Mail by using this form: www.arvadafire.com/sites/default/files/Application%20for%20Absentee%20Ballot%20(Fillable).pdf

If you wish to receive a ballot by mail for this election, you must complete an Application for Absentee Ballot. This form may be completed online or printed and completed by hand. Please sign the form before returning. Electronic signatures cannot be accepted. If you have questions or wish to have a printed form mailed to you, please call 303-424-3015.

As a Native of Arvada I have always been proud of the Arvada Fire Protection District and the great service that they provide to the community.  My goal is to help them continue this reputation and helping them rise to higher achievements. 

With my experience in Special Districts, I bring a wealth of knowledge of how they need to operate and knowledge of the other Government entities that the Board needs to interact with.

The Fire District as well as the Apex District bring a special quality to our life in Arvada. Both are in the business of touching lives even though first contact may be much different circumstances.  The desire is that the citizens feel that they are better off because the service that is provided is in our community.  I desire to see the Fire District be one of the most efficient and highly rated Fire Districts in the Country as I have seen at Apex.